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Ludger Matuszewski - Naturopath

My empathy is for all people - regardless of origin, gender or sexual orientation. Let me help you if you are out of balance. Your decision for therapy is the first step towards stabilisation.

Languages: English & German Therapy


My Approach to Therapy

Therapy for me is deep relationship - honest, unconditional, undogmatic. Share your longings and fears - bad conscience we work through. Find understanding and protection in a healing place. My neutral listening is without blame or judgment. My training and experience is based on deep psychological conversation and energy medicine (chakra therapy, medical yoga, meditation).


The therapy approach is holistic and takes place on three levels: Body, Soul and Spirit. Symptoms of the body are sensations. They can be either disturbances, for example, abdominal pain, headache, back pain, stiffness, palpitations, or pleasant, for example, tingling in the abdomen. On the mental level, symptoms are desired feelings for example generalized fear, sadness and undesired for example joy and love. Our mental level is the mind. In balancing feelings and thoughts, the mind can be neutral (wisdom) or negative (condemnations) or positive (expectations).


As a naturopath for psychotherapy and energy medicine I treat disturbances of the body, the psyche and the life energy accordingly on all three levels. Energy-therapeutically I open chakra energy fields and activate your life energy. Psychotherapeutically I help you "... on the way to let go of old and accept new ...".


With a conscious decision for transformation in therapy, you embark on your path full of surprises. I want to encourage your soul to feel comfortable in your body and ask your mind to "feel and think true" - so that you can stand it with yourself and in relationships.

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Mein Therapiansatz
Die Praxis

The Practice

An oasis of calm in the middle of Berlin. 

Feeling comfortable and safe is an requirement for therapy.

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Ludger Matuszewski

Naturopath for psychotherapy and energy medicine

Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin

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Billing types: self-payer & private health insurances

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