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About myself


My own childhood was marked by fearful, strictly believing parents and a fear system of guilt, shame, bad conscience, punishment. In the course of my life I have freed myself from religions and dogmas, liberated my repressed sexuality, and on countless journeys (private and professional) I have become acquainted with foreign cultures and other ways of life. I have developed my own values and do not live according to beliefs that are not mine.


Life had ups and downs even after childhood and youth: 

- professionally 1986 -2008 as a manager and independent entrepreneur, 

- privately 1995 until today as a father of four children with two families.


Since 2010 I am a therapist for people in life crises. My approach to therapy is undogmatic. The basis for my work is life experience and complementary training in: Business and Management, various psychotherapy procedures, spiritual healing, shamanic medicine, medical yoga and chakra meditation. I provide therapy and coaching out of gratitude and empathy.


My method of treatment is based on the principle of "coming back to your center". Neutrality for me means balance, inner serenity. These are energy states that can only be achieved through awareness. I have learned to consciously pay attention to my body, my feelings and my mind in equal measure. 


If you don't take time for yourself, you will inevitably get sick at some point. I invite you to spend conscious time with me.


Healing professions

2010 - present

Energy Therapist

Yoga Teacher & Trainer

Psychologial Counselor & Therapist

Life Coach & Consultant

Charitable projects

2017 - present

2013 - present

2013 - present

2010 - present

2009 - present

Homeless helper in Berlin

Homeless helper in Sri Lanka


2010 - present

2009 - 2014

1996 - 2008

Founder & Shareholder of Veloform GmbH

Founder & CEO of Velotaxi GmbH


2001 - 2008

1996 - 2008

1986 - 1995

Team and project manager Deutsche Post &
DaimlerChrysler AG

1986 - 1995

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