Business coaching


What is business coaching?

My focus in corporate coaching or business coaching is the individual. My approach is therapeutic - similar to partner counseling. What is important is each individual and the relationships. In companies, many different people come together for different reasons: Employees, executives, partners, managers, CEOs. The company brings these people together to achieve company goals as best as possible. Every single person has their own individual motivation to work in the company. 

"Healthy employees = healthy business". Pay attention to a healthy company and consciously do something for health. Psychological burdens lead to the fact that you or employees cannot call up their actual power potential. My task as a psychological coach is to make sure that people stay or can be in their power. My approach aims at supporting each individual person and the team/group. When many energies meet and cannot connect, disruptive tensions can occur. The negative energy has a direct impact on performance and willingness to perform. My job is to make sure that all energies can connect with each other.


Reasons for business coaching

Company coaching is profileaxe for the company. Modern entrepreneurial thinking is based on understanding, relies on equality and meeting at eye level. Depending on the size of the company, people work in different constellations. When planning your business coaching, we will first analyze individually which individuals and which groups need psychological support. 

Sometimes in business, similarly in private life, it is only with the crisis that the idea of getting help through psychological counseling comes up. Then mediation is also called for. Often it is about a lack of understanding - as in private relationships. When people do not feel understood, disturbances arise. People no longer meet at eye level. This leads to excessive demands, high expectations, oppression, bullying, condemnations, .... - depending on the type.

Do you know this? The boss asks, often without awareness, "How are you?" And without wanting to hear the answer, he is already gone. Employees invent illnesses, excuses because they don't feel well. In couple relationships, it is often very important to know the "love language" of the other person and to use it. In corporate relationships it is sometimes the same. Praise and recognition, honest respectful communication, trust, compassion, incentive, understanding, loyalty, connectedness but also demarcation cannot be done in a blanket way. That is why psychological coaching addresses the individual needs of people and the company. 


Leadership and management coaching

If the focus is very much on the business, the human sometimes gets lost. Often only the person concerned notices this. Neutrality and the view of the whole are good prerequisites to keep life-work balance in and outside the company. This is important for any self-esteem and can create enormous passion.

Leadership coaching is about shared goals and how relationships are experienced individually and within the leadership team. Are there unequal power relationships, can people meet at eye level? Is there recognition and appreciation among each other? Is there bullying in management? 

If there are no longer any common goals, mediation is also called for here. We can remove dissonances or blockades and just as respectfully dissolve contracts if the current situation no longer corresponds to the once agreed upon conditions.


Inquiry and procedure

Write me an email or call me. We talk and feel if or that the energy is right and to understand where your need is. After that, a no-obligation meeting would be further to consider what might be the right therapy format for your business. The first meeting and also a maybe engagement can take place at your company or at my office. The first time we do not talk about budgets but are purely creative and free in the design. Let yourself be inspired.